SLEEPING??? like a baby

My brilliant daughter didn’t sleep a wink yesterday, and barely slept 6 hours total between sun-down and sun-up. I say brilliant because David suggested that the less a baby sleeps, the greater her IQ. We may have the female version of Einstein on our hands. This morning I told David that I would settle for a child with a slightly lower IQ who sleeps.

This picture documents the 5 minutes she napped yesterday.

So, now she will probably sleep all day today.


One response to “SLEEPING??? like a baby

  1. David is right, for instance, Thomal Alva Edison was rumored to have slept an average of only a couple of hours a night and he was a prolific inventor. I wonder though if his insights came during the day at night when the rest of the world was asleep and he was up????

    But seriously, Dori will sleep through one of these nights. I remember Matt, at one time flipped his sleep pattern. He was up ALL night and slept during the day. It didn’t last to long and eventually all was back to normal. So, sleep when your daughter sleeps and when she is up play with her as much as possible. Babys have a habit of growing up very fast. Treasure the times you have with your daughter they will make for very fond memories. Even the sleepless nights.


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