Everybody survived

David had a great weekend with Dorothy. They both seem to have survived, even thrived. David gained insight to what my days are like, and Dorothy got to spend a weekend of quality time with her dad.

I promised pictures of the wedding, so enjoy!

The bride and groom, Debra and Phillip

Here’s me, Uncle Matt and Aunt Erin

Bis Nona and Uncle Matt

Nona and Poppy

Great Grandpa and Great Grandma

The other reason that I was in NJ this weekend was to visit my friend Renee. She’s been fighting breast cancer for 4 years, and recently recieved the news that her cancer is terminal. Renee is an incredibly strong woman, and decided to keep fighting, and will be recieving a new chemo regiment stating this Thursday. We’re all hoping that this will put her back into remission, and that she won’t get too sick from the treatment. I wasn’t able to spend much time with her because I had to catch a plane to come back to Florida, but our morning together was great. We even sent her husband Niv out for some air so we could have some ‘girl time’ without him! I’ll be back in NJ in December or January with Dorothy, and she can’t wait to meet Renee

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