Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Before I tell my tale of sleep, let me publicly worship at the feet of Kim Ramer, Lactation Consultant Extroardinaire at Bayfront Medical Center.

I was at the mom’s group that she runs every Tuesday morning yesterday. When I mentioned what a terrible fight bedtime had become, she asked if we swaddler her. I said yes, but that she fights it and always excapes from it before too long. She then suggested that my problem might be that we have been swaddling Dorothy wrong, and would show me how to do it better.

Not only did Kim show me how to swaddle, but she also let me in on the 4 s’s of calming a baby down:
Suckle (we already knew about that one)
Then Kim demonstrated the last 3 on the list, and Dorothy was asleep in SECONDS.

We came home, I ate lunch, nursed her, swaddled her (correctly) and laid her in the crib. She slept for 3 hours, and I slept for 2. Aaaahhh!

Last night was the big test. After being swaddled, she only fussed for a few minutes (compared to hours and hours) and promptly fell asleep.

And she slept from 10 pm to 4:30 am, ate and went back to bed until 7:30.

Now everybody, please cross your fingers and toes that we can do this again today. Tonight is David’s dry run for my trip to NJ. He’ll feed and put her to sleep ALL BY HIMSELF, without any help from me. I suggested that we start this tonight, so we have Thursday and Friday to build confidence.


3 responses to “Sleep, Glorious Sleep

  1. David…..You will do just fine!!!!! Fathers survive fatherhood. Although I got used to changing daipers AFTER Amy and Matt were toilet trained. (chuckle).


  2. How did David do on his task? Was Miss Dori a good girl? Big kisses to her!
    Aunt Nay

  3. I think you are just looking for a couple of extra nights off.

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