A big weekend

We had a very exciting day yesterday. After much coaxing, David convinced me that it was the PERFECT day to take Dorothy out on her first sailing expedition aboard the Happy Days. The wind was light and it was GORGEOUS out. So, we went. He was right, it was the perfect day for her first cruise. Of course we took the camera with us to document this monumental occasion. We didn’t go too crazy out there, we only sailed with the main-sail up. I wasn’t prepared for both sails just yet.

And the big day didn’t end there. We were invited to the Florida Orchestra Pops concert in the park last night. So it was also Dorothy’s first concert. The park was full, and now that it has cooled off, it was really nice to be outside all day and evening. The concert ended with Dorothy’s first fireworks display, which was not her favorite part. Hopefully by July she’ll be more prepared for the noise!

I must give credit where credit is due. My mother suggested that we use a toothbrush to clean the gunk that had collected under her fingernails, and it worked perfectly. This will now be a regular part of our bath-time routine. Where would new moms be without the grandmothers?


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