Welcome to our blog

I decided that since most of my friends and family live in places other than Florida, I would start a Blog as a way to share my every day adventures and misadventures with Dorothy.

Early this morning, Hurricane Wilma blew through Florida, and if I had been a smart Mommy, I would have let Dorothy sleep in our bedroom. Her room was very noisy from the rain and wind hitting her window. It rained and the wind blew, and the electricity went out for a while. My first thought was, “it better go back on soon, I have too much breast milk in the freezer to loose!” The sun is now out and its a beautiful day.

Dorothy and I are both a little sad today because Aunt Julie couldn’t make it to visit us. Hurricane Wilma wrecked our plans. She’s stuck on a cruise ship, and won’t get back to land until tomorrow. We’re hoping that she can come and play with us soon.

Once I learn, I hope to put pictures of us up for everyone to enjoy.


7 responses to “Welcome to our blog

  1. Even in New Jersey there is Life with Dorothy. We think about you all the time, and we love seeing your pictures. This site will be another way to keep us close.
    Always :)ing and with much love
    Number 1 Nona

  2. You do have the time to do whatever you want to do. Of course Dorothy will always take a majority of your time right now but, you will find that you will become more efficient with “time” management and you will do all the things you want to do. Hey, families that have twins or triplets or multiple births of quads or more are able to cope. Sure it’s hard in the begining, but oh my, the rewards that you and David will have from Dorothy will be imeasurable. I speak from experience. I know that I speak for Mom also when I can say that the family, and the rewards of having a family are treasures worth having at any cost.

  3. Uncle Matt (the greatest uncle at that)

    I feel like I was there with you during the storm…it is now about 9pm and it seems like we are getting the remnants of wilma…but enough about the weather…

    we want to see pictures of of Dori….can’t wait to see you guys for thanksgiving…and to eat deep fried turkey!

  4. This is a great idea Amy. Now Dori can have a voice too!

    Sounds like you made it through the first storm. Congrats. However I was also sad to hear about Aunt Julie not making it. I hope that she gets to see you soon.

    Please give the munchkin a kiss from me.
    Aunt Nay

  5. So, I guess I’ve been fired, or at the very least now only have a part time job (you did, after all, ask me to find some blouses for you at Bloomies in Short Hills [NJ] last night), and have been replaced by someone else. There was a time that I’d buy three dresses for you and you would love them all. I still love to shop for you and will probably continue to do so and for Dorothy, too.

    As for getting a good night’s sleep…I don’t know, maybe, just maybe in 25 years. From my experience, I don’t think so. My experience tells me you never really stop worrying. She, however, will sleep through the night.

    Always :)ing and with much love,

  6. Uncle Matt (the greatest uncle at that)

    I guess I was the one that probably made you (mom) not sleep through the night…I don’t remember amy causing many problems.

    great pictures of the you guys on the boat!

  7. Hi guys its unkie from las vegas love your scrap book the pictures are great Love the little pumkin. Guess which one? It keeps us close to you . Love you all and kisses to Dorothy

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